Custom Cabinetry in Sarasota, FL

High-quality custom cabinetry is a must if you desire a look of grace and elegance for your kitchen or bath. Whether you are remodeling an office employee break room or want a complete cabinet redesign for your home kitchen, Sarasota Cabinetry Inc. is your source for the finest in materials, custom cabinet manufacture and installation. We make the custom cabinets you want, and we make them to exceed your highest expectations.
For offices, we make cabinets for file areas. We can fit base cabinets and a counter top for a reception area in your front office, with extra wall cabinets behind the reception counter for additional storage. Our custom cabinets for employee break room areas run the gamut from base unit custom cabinets with durable counter tops to wall units with built-in spaces for microwave ovens. Your employees might also need space to store uniform aprons, hats or gloves at the end of the day, or to put away personal items during work. At Sarasota Cabinetry, we make excellent custom closets and storage units which will serve these purposes.
We design the cabinets to fit your specifications, along with your plans and ideas of what you want for your kitchens, baths or storage areas in other parts of your building. Our custom cabinets are built for beauty and durability with domestic woods and veneers, finished with care and trimmed with Blum hardware for a beautifully ornamented look. We manufacture the cabinets on site for a precise fit and perfect installation. Our custom cabinets are just what you are looking for when you want both distinction and functionality and our quality is guaranteed to satisfy.
Here in Sarasota Florida, superior cabinetry is closer than you might think. At Sarasota Cabinetry, we make custom cabinets for every need in your home or office. Just explain your storage needs and let us set up an appointment. Call us at (941) 351-5588 , or stop in to our 3080 N. Washington Blvd. address in Sarasota Florida to get things started. When we fit your home or office with new custom cabinets, you will be happy and proud that you made such a good decision. Call or come by to give us the opportunity to work with you now.